The "E's" of Stress Relief

The "E's" of Stress Relief

Published by Ellaquor on Mar 26th 2022

Stress. Let’s face it, we all have it! And, left alone, it can wreak havoc in our lives! Stress has a much greater effect on our well-being than we may realize.

More than just your mind

Sure, we’re aware that the level of stress we experience impacts how we feel, yet it’s important to also recognize its full effects on the rest of our body.

No one knows your body and it’s functioning better than you do. That’s right, you are your own expert and being able to respond appropriately to your stress level is key to your well-being. Do you feel empowered knowing that you’re an expert? Well, you should! Because being an expert means you’re able to recognize and measure your stress level, which will “E”s (ease) the impact on the rest of your body.

Mind, Body and Soul

You know your stress levels are high when it begins to impact your daily routines. We’ve all had days when we are feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to get up in the morning, but when it starts to really change how we interact with the world, that’s when we know we have to regain control. What do we mean? Well, the effects can be different for each of us.

Stress can change the way our body functions causing body aches, migraines, digestive issues, depression, and more. It changes the way we feel – literally and figuratively. Its impact at the cellular level cannot be overstated. These impacts on our mind, body and soul go on to attack the natural “texture,” “glow,” and overall health of our skin. 

Few people realize that our skin is the largest organ in the body. Covering our entire external system, it is the barrier that protects us from infection. Our ELLAQUOR products are a great way to fight back against some of the harmful effects of stress on our body.

The four “E”s

There is a lot of information to help us respond to stressful situations. We have taken some of the key ideas and combined them here for “E”asy access (see what we did there)!

Eat well

Healthy living always starts with good nutrition. It’s important to remember the reason that eating well is encouraged throughout our life span. Our stomachs and our brains are intrinsically connected and constantly communicating with one another. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” In much the same way, if your stomach is not healthy, your brain is under stress and not as healthy as it can be. In a nutshell, eating well means your brain is less stressed. Less stress means healthier skin!


Whether you’re a yogi, a gym rat, or something in between, keeping the body engaged and in motion is a great way to fight back against the harmful effects of stress. Don’t feel like you’re out of your league when it comes to this part of your daily routine. Just getting out in the fresh air increases the oxygen flow in our bodies, strengthening the immune system and improving brain function. Going outside for a walk is enough to stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain and provide stress relief. Starting with 10 minutes a day can create positive changes in your overall state of mind.

Emote with intention

Being aware and owning our emotions is necessary for our well-being and for maintaining healthy relationships. We are familiar with emoji’s and emoticons ;-), which are both used to express emotion. Perhaps less familiar is the word emote, typically used to express emotion in dramatic fashion. Without going into the origins and use of each, we are in a time where our emoting through an emoji or an emoticon is prevalent, so let’s be mindful of the intention with which we express how we feel.

Under stress, our emotions are heightened! Learning to relax and silence the mind through meditation is a popular relaxation technique. Others include journaling, art, yoga and breathing exercises. Of course, doing anything that inspires your passion and fun will elicit positive emoting.


There are a lot of products out there, so why Ellaquor? Ellaquor is made of all-natural ingredients. We take what our Mama’s taught us (hahaha) and put it into practice, i.e. we put a little bit of love into everything we do. We truly care about helping you reach your optimum health goals, including adopting a skin care routine that will enhance its natural protection properties. 

In addition to highly effective skincare, we simultaneously teach the value of mental health and wellness. Revolutionizing the personal care paradigm, we believe beauty is achieved when the mind, body, and soul align. In this unique whole beauty approach, we encourage you to join us on our quest to live healthy lives that are based on an inner level of gratitude and peace so you can nurture your inner beauty and shine from within. We hope you'll join us at our monthly community events.

Getting started

The “E”s of stress relief equips you with strategies to use anytime stress tries to make its way into your life. Incorporating the “E”s into your daily schedule will help you develop a routine that will soon become a natural part of your day. We also encourage you to visit your healthcare professional as a prime resource to get you moving along the path to a stress-free life.

Start today by committing to: Eat, Exercise, Emote, and Ellaquor your way toward stress reduction!

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