Serums & Masks: The Powerful Skin Allies

Serums & Masks: The Powerful Skin Allies

Published by KBB on Nov 4th 2021

We all have our unique set of skin issues; dry skin, wrinkles, dark spots, acne, uneven spots, etc. Products used to address these concerns are carefully selected based on your unique need. This is often considered the "corrective" part of our skin care routine where we introduce serums and face masks to help us achieve our skin goals. 


What are the benefits?

Serums are designed to target specific skin concerns. Simply put, serums are POWERFUL skin allies that are loaded with active ingredients to meet your skin goals. They are generally thinner formulations which means they absorb easier and quicker into your skin. The active ingredients are at a much higher potency than in a moisturizer. For example, a face lotion with vitamin C would not be as potent as a vitamin C serum. Unlike face lotions that sit on top of your skin, the larger amounts of the active ingredient found in serums penetrates the outside barrier of your skin, seeping into the dermis layer and effectively delivering results. 

Some benefits include:

  • Soothe the skin
  • Protect from free radicals
  • Improve signs of aging
  • May provide visible results

In order to receive maximum benefit from your product, serums should be applied after you cleanse and tone, and before your moisturizer. Layering the products in the correct order will effect the results you receive so make sure to apply your products according to the image below. 

Different Types of Serums

There are several different types of serums and an overwhelming amounts of brands that make them. With so many serums on the market, it's a good idea to narrow the focus before you start shopping. We recommend shopping by need. Listed are below are some examples of popular serums.

  • anti-aging serums
  • hydrating serums
  • lightening/brightening serums
  • protection from free radicals serums
  • reparative serums

How to use them?

Some active ingredients are stronger than others. While one serum may be approved to be worn every day, a different serum may need to be used only 2-3 times a week. It depends on the type of active ingredient in your serum so make sure to consult with a doctor or dermatologist to learn the appropriate frequency of applying the serum.

Start slow when introducing a new product. Take some time to build up to consistent use. Start by applying the serum once every 3 days so you can track any reactions your skin might have. Then slowly start to increase the frequency in your routine.

Some serums can be worn both day and night. However, if you are using a retinol, these are best worn at night since they may cause the skin to have a sensitivity to light.


What are the benefits?

Delivering nutrients to my skin while scaring my family- face masks are the ultimate multi-tasking product. Face masks have a plethora of benefits. They are helpful skin care vehicles that deliver highly concentrated actives, vitamins, and nutrients to improve your skin's overall health. We tend to use several different masks depending on our schedule for the week. Sheet masks, clay masks, cream masks, gel masks, exfoliating masks- we love them all.

Different types of masks include:

  • hydrate and moisturize 
  • minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improves skin texture and elasticity
  • helps clear and prevent acne breakouts
  • detoxifies the skin
  • brighten

How to use them?

Masking can be done any time but we love incorporating it into our evening lineup 1-2 times per week. If we have a big event, say a wedding, and want to look extra refreshed, we would prepare by wearing a hydrating or brightening mask into our regimen that day. The amount of time to wear your face mask depends on your active ingredient. For example, a hydrating mask would typically be worn anywhere between 10-20 minutes because we want to absorb as much of the nutrients as possible. However, a detoxifying clay mask may only sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing because the active ingredient is removing impurities from your skin and we don't want to completely strip our skin of the good cells.

If you are wearing a mask that needs to be rinsed off, be VERY gentle when washing it away. If it is an exfoliating mask, then it would make sense to move your fingertips in a gentle circular motion. Otherwise, use a warm damp cloth to gently remove your mask. Make sure to never stretch the skin. 

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