Mother's Day: The Perfect Gifts for Mom & Celebrations Around The World

Mother's Day: The Perfect Gifts for Mom & Celebrations Around The World

Published by Ellaquor on Apr 6th 2022

Mother's Day... it's more than flowers

April showers bring May flowers! Perfect timing, because May is when we celebrate the moms in our life. And it just so happens that many of us choose to gift our mom’s a bouquet of flowers, making Mother’s Day one of the busiest times of the year for florists.


No matter what our family dynamic looks like, there is someone out there that our heart knows as “mom.” She is the one who nurtured us, who gave of herself completely and unselfishly, and who loved us unconditionally.

Most of us know “mom” as the woman who gave birth to us, but others have a “Mr. Mom,” and still others have a grandparent, an older sibling, or other person that has stepped in – not to fill a mother’s shoes – but to love us in the ache of her absence.

A single day of recognition hardly seems enough for someone who gives so much! Indeed, in some parts of the world, the celebration lasts for days!

Moms Around The World


In Mexico, Mother's Day is always on May 10th. When it falls in the middle of the week, moms will often take the day off work and children will stay home to spend the special day with "Mami." Moms are often wakended with a serenade of a traditional song. In Mexican families, mothers are the center of the family and are highly revered. It is not suprising, then, that Mother's Day is considered a major day of celebration and one of the most cherished holidays in Mexico. 


Mothers in India are honored with a 10-day festival that takes place in October. It is both a religious ceremony, as well as a time for family. Preparations begin weeks in advance as families decorate their homes, prepare meals and put together gifts to present to their mother. An important part of the festivities is setting time aside for reflection on the important role a mother has in life. This is a time of gratitude and appreciation with sons and daughters praying for their mothers.


In 1920, the government of France dedicated the last Sunday in May as the Day of the Mothers. Medals were awarded to mothers of large families. This was done as an expression of gratitude for rebuilding the population after all the lives that were lost in the first World War. While the awarding of medals is now a thing of the past, the tradition of honoring mothers for their sacrifices and love remains. Today, the customary gift is a flower-shaped cake.

Making mom feel special

We should all have a plan to celebrate Mom. Whether we are sending her that bouquet of flowers, surprising her with a special meal, or smothering her with hugs and kisses, one thing is for sure: we want to show our appreciation and love by pampering mom.

This year, consider extending the special treatment for Mom beyond just one day! Give her (or Mr. Mom) the gift of all natural products to nourish and revitalize their skin! Some popular products that we recommend, include:

  • Revital-Eyes Repair Cream is rich in nutrients and skin firming agents. Mom's will be pampered with the blend of green tea, pomegranate, and caffeine for a vibrant feel.
  • Body Butter will soften the skin and bring a natural glow and shine to mom's day.
  • Handmade Natural Soap Bars are the perfect way to add joy to any soap dish or shower. Check out our options to choose your mom's favorite scent.

Regardless of how we choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, the idea is to fill the day with food, love, and laughter with Mom at the center of it all feeling like the most special person in the world!

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