7 Dry Skin Hydration Hacks for Fall

7 Dry Skin Hydration Hacks for Fall

Nov 4th 2019

The leaves are falling and the colors are’s Fall!! Fall is the time to cuddle up with loved ones and enjoy the cool air, and I know many of us are super excited to be done with the constant heat, but also I know there are a few of us who are a little unhappy about that morning chill (you know who you are). And that’s because with the changing of seasons comes the super dry skin. These frigid months cause skin to become super dry, but it’s super important to stay on top of your skin and give it the care and attention it needs to stay beautiful!

We’ve gathered a few tips from some of our favorite sources and we put together a list of ways to fix your dry skin and keep it moisturized and protected as we head into winter.

1. Choose the right moisturizer

Moisturize moisturize moisturize, and oh did we say MOISTURIZE?! Moisturizers provide a seal over your skin that protects it from harsh winds and the bitter cold. This is because moisturizers act to keep water from escaping and therefore keeping your face hydrated. You should moisturize several times a day, and anytime after you shower we highly recommend to lather your body in your favorite moisturizer, and the thicker the moisturizer the better! We suggest our Love Your Body- All Over Body Butter!

Pro-tip: We suggest using body butters that come in tubs and or jars instead of moisturizers that come in bottles with pumps. This is because heavier and denser moisturizers contain more oil than water (thus they are more hydrating), and because they are so thick they are not easily dispensed through pumps. So when you are shopping for a moisturizer keep in mind that if it comes in a pump-bottle, it may not provide you with the level of moisturization that you want!

2. Use oil

We mentioned this in Tip #1, but it is super beneficial to add oil to your daily routine in order to thoroughly hydrate your lovely skin. Oil in general sticks to the skin better than non-oily moisturizers do, and the oil works to prevent the evaporation of water from you skin. Some people are deterred from using oil if their skin is prone to breakouts, but coconut oil (our personal favorite) has high levels of lauric acid, which helps kill acne-causing bacteria. 

Coconut oil is absolutely wonderful for your skin (and your hair too). If we haven't convinced you to use oil already and you are still skeptical, you could always try mixing it with your favorite body and or face moisturizer to reap some of the benefits.

3. Apply a hydrating mask right before bed

Applying a hydrating mask, or a super thick moisturizer right before bed is one of the nest ways to instantly transform your skin. When you sleep your skin is naturally working to regenerate new skin cells and exfoliate itself. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! By applying a hydrating mask right before bed, you are allowing the moisturizer several hours to seep into the skin and to really do its job. We highly suggest this tip!

4. Avoid hot water

We know its cold and you would love to take a hot shower when you get home, but your skin begs you to think again! Avoid using hot water and opt for warm instead, as hot water removes oils from your skin and dries you out completely. Even when you are washing your hands and face in the sink, steer clear of hot water.

Also, try and shorten your shower time as well. We know this is another thing you don’t want to hear, especially if you enjoy a nice long bath, but long amounts of time in water dries your skin out and strips it of its natural oils. Aim for shower times that are between 5-10 minutes.

Pro-Tip: Try showering with the bathroom door closed. This will trap in the warm air and the condensation will keep the air moist, which is awesome for your skin! Also when you dry off always blot your skin gently with a towel instead of rubbing! Be gentle to your skin, and of course always moisturizer afterwards.

5. Avoid harsh products

Often times soaps and face washes have a lot of harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin a ton (see our previous blog post about the chemicals to look out for). We advise using gentle, all natural cleansers and shower gels that provide extra moisture. Stay away from the rough face washes and opt for a mild soap that has some added oils and fats. It may seem counter intuitive for acne prevention but it really does the job. A lot of people don’t know this, but over drying your skin actually leads to the overproduction of your skin’s oils, and therefore you end up breaking out.

6. Use a humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture to the air, and that is exactly what dry skin needs. Hot air from the heater in your house can parch the skin and worsen your dryness, but a humidifier can help by adding moisture to the air while still keeping you warm. Just don’t forget to keep your humidifier clean!

7. Choose the right fabrics

Certain clothing fabrics can irritate the skin and not allow your skin to breathe. Natural fibers, such as silk and cotton, allow your skin to breathe so opt for those! Also, we advise washing your clothes with detergents without nasty chemicals and dyes because these can irritate and dry out the skin as well!

We hope some of these tips help you if you have dry skin! Even if you do not suffer from excessively dry skin, these tips are great for maintaining a youthful beautiful complexion. Happy Fall!

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