​5 Benefits of Using All Natural Skin Care Products

​5 Benefits of Using All Natural Skin Care Products

Jun 21st 2019

Most of us have a skin care routine, and we like it. We are creatures of habit naturally, and like to follow routines.

Why switch to all natural skin care products?

All Natural Skin care products have many benefits for the earth, immediate and long term benefits for your skin as well as your health, avoid the cycle of doom (see below), offer additional enjoyment for your senses with natural, not fake, fragrances, and there are no strange side effects from all natural products. Read on for more information on the benefits of using all natural skin care products!

Benefit #1 – All Natural Skin Care Products are Good for the Earth.

When you rinse off your soap, lotion, or sprays, it goes into our water system. What may seem like a small impact is actually being found in big numbers as far as effect – synthetic chemicals/synthetics/glitter/microbeads/etc are already having a harmful effect on our planet. In fact, parabans, a common preservative used, are being found in marine animals! The places that manufacture these products have an even bigger impact on the environment as these chemicals are used in greater numbers, and enter into the air as well as the environment during the manufacturing process.

Most all natural product lines are environmentally savvy, and usually think about the impact that their production and packaging makes, and make thoughtful choices. When you choose to support a company that supports the earth, your decision helps to keep a cleaner, healthier planet for all of us.

Benefit #2 – All Natural Skin Care Products Help Avoid Skin Irritation.

Chemicals, dyes, and synthetics can all cause skin irritation. Sometimes these effects will be felt immediately, but others may increase over time of use with the product. Some we may not even realize are happening – for example, your oily skin could be a reaction of a product that is over-drying your skin, causing your body to produce extra oil to combat the effects of what you are putting on your skin.

All natural products are formulated to work with your skin, not for it. Working with your skin means helping your own natural ph and oils stay balanced, not stripping away your natural oils (which your body produces for a reason) or changing your skin PH. Many people comment that a synthetic skin care products will work great at first, but start to weaken in affect over time. All natural ingredients work better over time!

Disclaimer – If you’re using a product with a particular ingredient, say poison ivy, peppermint, or cayenne, there could be some skin irritation if you have sensitive skin or if your skin isn’t used to these ingredients. This is one of the reasons that all essential oils are to be diluted to be used topically. If you do find skin irritation with all natural products, switch to an all natural product line formulated for sensitive skin.

Benefit #3 – All Natural Skin Care Products avoid negative long-term effects.

Parabans, the synthetic preservative used in conventional skin care products since about 1950, are known as the bad guy of skin care.

You may be wondering though, why exactly are Parabans bad for you?

Parabans enter the body through the skin, and remain within our tissues. In fact, in 2004 a British study found parabens ( 5 different kinds) in the breast tissue of every 19 out of 20 women studied! These parabens are thought to disrupt hormone function by imitating estrogen. Too much estrogen can trigger an increase in tumor growth and breast cell division, which is why paraben use has been linked to breast cancer and reproduction problems.

And this is just the effects of one type of ingredient. What else is these synthetic skin care products that we are putting on our skin, the largest organ of our body?

Benefit #4 – All Natural Skin Care Products Avoid the Cycle of Doom

What, exactly, is the cycle of doom?

Well, according to us, it is when you use a skin care product, like an acne product, and it starts doing things for your body – chemically drying up oils for example – which leaves your skin quenched for moisture, which cause the user to need to use another product to moisturize the skin, which could clog your pores and cause a different acne breakout, and this vicious cycle starts. And your body keeps trying to balance it’s own oil production with what is happening topically, and it turns into a big mess! Maybe you have noticed it with lip balm? Some lip balms work great on contact but your lips feel even dryer then before a few hours later, so you reach for more lip balm. (from experience, natural lip balms sink in and nourish. They don’t leave you feeling worse than before!)

The cycle of doom is this pattern where we turn to a conventional product for a solution, but in providing us the solution it also provides another problem. So we keep reaching for solutions, but instead are treating symptoms, not ever working with the skin’s natural functions for optimal beauty and wellness.

All natural products work, and work even better the longer you use them. It takes time for your body to balance out after taking away chemical ingredients, but it is well worth the wait – your skin will be the way it is made to be, with the help of elements similar to our own. Sounds like a great benefit of all natural skin care products!

Benefit #5 – Protect yourself from Fake Fragrances, and Benefit your Body with Real Ones

This may sound like an opinion, but if you were to take a blind study of real vanilla smell vs a manufactured fake vanilla smell, real vanilla would win most of the time.

Our bodies are naturally primed to enjoy the scents of nature, allergy season aside. We are romantically reactive to pheromones, food we love makes our mouths water, and scents from nature, like lavender or lemon, have very real effects on our system.

All natural products use natural plant extracts – every time you open a bottle of a natural product, you run the potential delight of having a mini aromatherapy session! There was an interesting article done by American Nurse Today that linked to a study done that showed that diffused oils reduced pain by 27% (with Sweet Marjoram), Nausea by 18% (with Ginger) and Anxiety by 18% (Lavender and Majoram). That is just with essential oils diffused in the air!

Don’t get us wrong, fake fragrances have their fans, but the fact of the matter is there are also a lot of people who start to sneeze or have a reaction to these faux smells. In fact, about 95% of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum (crude oil) and have toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, birth defects and central nervous system disorders. Some of the chemicals are known or suspected endocrine disruptors, which can tinker with hormonal health and trigger weight gain or other long term effects.

Yes. Fake smells can cause weight gain.

These chemicals show up on conventional product labels as a “fragrance”, so the detail of what you are exposing your skin and the environment to us known. Most ingredients in conventional skin care products are a bit of a mystery to the consumer. We trust that because it has been approved, it is good – but approval comes from when it is reasonable determined that the benefits outweigh the risks – it does not mean that the product is safe for everyone.

In conclusion, all natural products are a win-win for everyone. Being that the term “all natural” is regulated by the FTC, by definition it is not allowed to be listed on a product if it has ANY synthetic or chemical ingredients. All natural products offer a layer of protection just based on what they do not allow to be in their ingredients.

There are a number of other reasons to love and use all natural products. What is your favorite reason? 

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